Roscommon county is an inland county in the heart of Ireland with the ancient town of Roscommon acting as its principal town and centre of commercial activity and public administration. Roscommon Castle, a Royal castle dating from the 12 th century and Roscommon Abbey from the 8 th century give the town an ancient heritage together with its location in the centre of rich pastureland renowned for the quality of its cattle and sheep enables Roscommon to fulfil its potential as the the capital of county Roscommon.

Roscommon Town has developed beyond all recognition over the past 50 years and is now a buzzing centre with a population of almost 6000 people with a mix of family run businesses and a number of national and multinational chains which have given the town a new impetus over the past number of years. This has enabled the town to progress from its traditional role as a small market town serving primarily the local farming population to a new role as the central role as a strong county hub serving and sustaining its community.

The Local Economic and Community Plan for county Roscommon has a clear vision of making the county an attractive, vibrant and prosperous place through strong leadership and effective collaboration and Roscommon Town can provide a lead role in achieving this objective. The Town has a strong sense of place with a vibrant local economy providing a good spread of commercial activities and employment for a town of its size and services an extensive surrounding area including a n umber of towns and villages. A distinctive feature of Roscommon is the consolidation of its commercial activities within the town envelope and together with free parking for shoppers and visitors enables the town to offer the best of tradition with a range of modern shopping experiences including major retail outlets, modern cafes, good bars and gastropubs and entertainment including a state of the art cinema and theatre.

Roscommon Town is a pro-business town with and active Chamber of Commerce providing good networking opportunities for business and interacting with the Local Authority and Business support agencies to improve the general business environment and support for new and emerging business.

It is noteworthy that all the counties business support services are locates in the town with the local LEO {now part of Roscommon County Council} providing a one stop shop for business in the county.

The Roscommon Integrated Company (LEADER) is also located in the the town together with a local office of Westbic together offering a range of guidance, advice and financial support of new and emerging businesses.

Strategically located just 20 minutes from the M6 Dublin – Galway motorway the towns central location provides access to two international airports Dublin and Knock and is also on the Westport – Dublin railway line providing 5 connections each way per day to the capital. Regular bus services to regional and national locations also pass through the town. The Town is now fully fibre enabled with superfast broadband thus ensuring connectivity to advanced broadband connectivity. This together with the availability of business premises, business parks both for indigenous and foreign investment and plans in progress for the provision of modern incubation space will ensure that the town can meet future requirements for industrial and commercial space.

The town provides range of primary and secondary educational opportunities for children and its location only 20 minutes from Athlone Institute of Technology with 6000 students and 1 hour from The National University of Galway 17000 students provides a wide range of third level degree and diploma courses are available.